Friday, January 31, 2014

Love Bomb

Love Bomb, love bomber
it's comin' on strong
I cant take it any longer
Come a rockin' through the door
Cruisin' the sky, lets fly
Blowin' on down and die
Open your bays, get ready, it's bomb's away!

Hair: Dura Boy 42

Bomber Jacket: Kathaarian Bomber Jacket Ash @ Hipster Fair ending feb 4

Pants: Kathaarian Loose Skinny Pants - Navy @ Hipster Fair ending feb 4

Boots: Kathaarian Army Boots Black

Facial Hair: VyC Mens Bodyshop JOJ Male #49 @ Jack or Jill hunt starting Feb1st

Piercings: Twizted&Reckless Loopy @ Jack or Jill

Face Tattoo: Reckless - Sink or Swim

Backpack: Riske - Bomber Backpack  @ Jack or Jill hunt starting Feb1st

AC/DC - Love Bomb


The Surreal Complex has got to be one of the most interesting events around. TSC focuses on Art, Dreams and Fairytales. The event starts Feb. 1st - Mar 2nd. You can take a look here. Be prepared to take pictures as you land on the sim and explore your dreams (and nightmares), admire art that focuses on self expression and individuality, and finally take a stroll through some of your favorite Fairy Tales. You won't be disappointed.


Dream: Black Tulip Dreaming D @ The Surreal Complex starting Feb 1st

Nightmare: Black Tulip Dreaming N  @ The Surreal Complex starting Feb 1st

Broken Floor Tiles: Kalopsia  @ The Surreal Complex starting Feb 1st

Melting Lightbulbs: Kalopsia   @ The Surreal Complex starting Feb 1st

On Damien:

Hair: Action - Paul

Pants: Kathaarian Loose Skinny Pants - Dark

Boots: Kathaarian Army Boots Black

Tydi & Kerli - Stardust

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jack or Jill Hunt Feb 1- 29th

Depraved Nations Jack Or Jill Hunt will be starting Feb. 1st and is going to start at Razorblade Jacket. A hunt for both male and females, its a hunt that is sponsored by many talented designers. So it's definitely something to check out. Below are four poses available at the hunt by Juxtapose. Just to give a glimpse. Happy hunting boys and girls <3

Hair/Hat: Speakeasy CJ Hair

Joint: Nikotin Joint Juicy

Necklace: 7891 Trust No Man

V-Neck Tee: Levenchy Black Snake Skin Sleeve V-Neck 

Jeans: Hooligan Ink Jeans - 475 - Black

Shoes: Flite TMD Collections Red Palm Camo

Backpack: Nana Zombie Bite Backpack

Face Tattoo: Reckless - Sink or Swim

Poses: Juxtapose @ Jack or Jill hunt starting Feb 1st

Nose Piecring: Twizted & Reckless Loopy @  Jack or Jill hunt starting Feb 1st

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


On the left: Adien

Hat -  Uncut TuT Strapback - Khaki BW Print

Hair -  [taketomi] _jirou_Kage04

Shirt - <kal rau> Tanktop_Pattern 006

Pants - <kal rau> Casual Chino_Yellow


Ears -  [MANDALA] - Omimi stretched ears

Facial piercings - [MANDALA] -  okaki Face Piercing UNISEX

Teeth - ILLMATIC :: The Perfect Teeth

Watch & Bracelet - [MANDALA] SITENNOAH

Glasses - * S O R G O - TEFLON / Black (SG)

Necklace - [7891.] Trust No Man - Black&Gold

On the right: Damien

Hair: Atro Patena London Brown

Glasses:  * S O R G O - TEFLON

Shirt: 2Byte Stud TShirts/Society Series (black)

Pants: HooLigan Ink Jeans - 479 - BLUE

Ears -  [MANDALA] - Omimi stretched ears

Tats: Speakeasy - Don't Get it Twisted

Beyonce - Partition 

Friday, January 24, 2014

I love Fridays

Hat: Blvck Anchor Bulls Champions W *NEW*
Sunglasses: Sorgo Teflon Shades
V-Neck: Levenchy White Snake Skin Sleeve V-Neck Shirt *NEW*
Pants: Blvck Anchor Roscoe V2 Sweats *NEW*
Shoes: Levenchy  High Top White Sneakers

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Chillin' With You

Hair: Taketomi Jirou Blondes
Glasses: Nana Nerdy Angel Glasses Black/Silver
Jacket: Pumpkin Leather Jacket
Jeans: Revolt! Brandon Jeans
Shoes: Flite Flytop Lows
Folio Clutch: XIAJ 
Shape: Reject Kobe @The Body Shope 

Britney Spears - Chillin' With You

Friday, January 17, 2014


Hair: INK Against Black
Horns:  Puncture -  Dermal Spiked Impants
Wrist Tape: Nana My Tape Gloves Black
Pants: Flow Pants Reserved
Feet/Hands: Slink
Toenails:  Nana Diable Claws *NEW*
Ears: Mandala - Stretched ears Omimi
Poses: Poseology - Framed & Last Man Standing

Perov Stelar ft. Lilja Bloom -  Mother

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Hair: Atro Patena Orlando
Ears: Mandala - Stretched Ears Omimi
Shirt: Villena Denim Shirt Camo
Pants: Villena Tucked Up Jeans In Gray
Shoes: Flite - Flytops Lows *Limited*
Tattoo: Speakeasy - Don't Get it Twisted
Poses: Vetrovian Sin Poses -  Nathan

Kerli - I'm Not Bulletproof

I am trying not trying to think of all the things you did before, but sometimes it just gets to me. I can't take it anymore. I'll stay with you , but remember, be careful what you do, because I'm not bulletproof

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Hat: Blvck Anchor Filthy Snapback
Cardigan: Blvck Anchor Tribal Cardigan V2
Pants: Blankline Tweed Pants Wine Red
Shoes: Levenchy High Top Red Sneakers
Ears: Mandala Stretched Ears Omimi
Beard: M-Arc Mirror- Beard Prototype 
Tattoo: Speakeasy -  Don't Get it Twisted

501- Headrush Ft. Belle Humble

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New @ TMD

Hair: Taketomi Masato Black @TMD
Tank (Upper Pic): Sleepy Bozer Valley Park Pocket Tank Aztec @ The Mens Dept
Tanks: Left: Sleepy Bozer Valley Park Pocket Tank STZ
Middle: Sleepy Bozer Valley Park Pocket Tank YOLO
Right: Sleepy Bozer Valley Park Pocket Tank Cheetah
Pants: Blankline Tweed Pants Wine Red
Shoes: Flite: Flytops Low *Limited* @ The Mens Dept
Tattoo: Sleepy Bozer- Farewell Summer
Glasses: SORGO Teflon

Sunday, January 5, 2014

January Men's Dept!

Hair: Taketomi - Masato @ TMD
Sunglasses: Sorgo - Teflon @ TMD
Jacket: ISON -  Leather Panel Hoodie @ TMD
Pants: Blankline - Tweed Pants @ TMD
Shoes: Flite - Flytop Lows Limited @ TMD
Skin & Shape: Clef De Peau Joshua @ TMD

Beyonce - Pretty Hurts

Friday, January 3, 2014


If you haven't checked out OMG (Oh My Gacha) You really should. Goodies await you here. It's a wonderland full of great and talented designers with must have gacha items up for grabs. The event is hosted by none other Ms. Holli Thespian. Ride to her blog here for more info!

Hair: INK Seya Roots
Head Wings: Nana Wings Crow
Wrist Bands: Nana My Tape Black
Sceptor: tsg - Moonlight Magic -  Kaleido Scope *RARE* @ OMG
Flying Toast: Epic - Mr. Toasty Moustache @ OMG
Back Wings: HolliPocket - Chibi Wings Black *RARE* @ OMG
Pants: Villena Tucked Up Jeans Grey
Boots: Gabriel Studs Belt Boots
Stuffed Animal - Yumyum- iLo Raspberry @ OMG
Sceptors: tsg - Moonlight Magic @ OMG

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dark Paradise

Scarf: Nana Assassin Scarf
Waist Tape: Nana My Tape
Cuffs: Nana Guilty Cuff Silver
Hair: Taketomi Godou Black *NEW*
Glove Tape: Nana My Tape Black
Pants: Pumpkin Sweat Pants (Black Cotton)
Boots: J U D A S The Revolution Chanel Militant Boots
Tattoo: Sleepy Bozer Phantograph
Eyeshadow: Corvus - Gone Mad Face Tat

Lana Del Rey - Dark Paradise